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23 Psychiatry believes in a fully integrated approach, which means our services are built to support you from all angles of life. No two people are the same, so we are committed to create an individualized plan to help you reach your goals.


At Home Ketamine

Ketamine is an FDA approved dissociative anesthetic, which has been increasingly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and several other mental health disorders. For those who meet criteria, 23 Psychiatry provides sublingual Ketamine treatment for depression and anxiety in the comfort of your home. SL Ketamine is not FDA approved for depression and anxiety, but is prescribed “off-label” for mental health symptoms. This is both legal and common, with one in five prescriptions written for off-label use in the U.S.


Medication Management

Prescription medication can be an effective treatment option for many patients. Based on initial evaluation and on-going assessments, we develop a treatment plan designed with your specific needs and wants in mind. Medication options, possible side effects, and proper dosages will be discussed. In addition to medication, other forms of treatment such as counseling may be offered in conjunction. We monitor all of these components to ensure the best treatment plan for the patient’s mental health.


Sports Psychiatry

Sports Psychiatry is a medical subspecialty that aims to treat and prevent mental health issues in athletes in order to enhance their performance as well as improve their overall wellbeing.  Athletes are more than their performance within their occupation and we promote a mindfulness philosophy to enhance an athlete’s life in every area, not solely their sport.


Health & Wellness

Wellness is more than just a person’s physical health; it is also their intellectual, emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual health. We believe in actively pursuing activities that foster whole body and mind health and wellness. Our holistic approach means spending time discussing a patient’s sleep, nutrition, physical activity, social support network, and spiritual practice (or purpose in life).


Pharmocogenic Testing

What if your treatment was personalized to you?  What if your Mental Health Provider could tailor care specific to you in a way that would optimize results and vastly decrease medication trial and error?  Now, you can!  Genomind genetic testing is one of the first mental health focused pharmacogenetics testing services.


How does this work?  A fast, easy and painless cheek swab collection will generate results in 3-5 days or less with a 99.9% laboratory accuracy. 


Avoid potentially harmful medications and side effects. Reduce the cost of unnecessary healthcare visits and regain control of your care! If you are interested in learning more about Genomind contact 23Psychiatry today! 


Also, check out their website at


Psychiatric Evaluation

A comprehensive psychiatric examination provides a standard format to assess mental health, substance use, medical issues, family history and functional needs of the individual. This assessment serves as the basis of developing goals and an individualized treatment plan.  This may involve gathering collateral information from others, and occasionally referring for psychological testing or labwork, or collaborating with an interal medicine physician.  We strive to understand in detail the description of behaviors and symptoms, and the adverse effects and limitations these symptoms impose on one’s function and relationships.


Forensic Evaluation

Forensic psychiatry is the branch of psychiatry that specializes in the interface between psychiatry and the law.  One goal is to attempt to improve the understanding of the relationship between mental illness and criminality.  A second goal is the use of the legal tests and improvement of standards to explain how mental illness may or may not mitigate one’s actions and culpability.  Thirdly, we support changes in attitudes and perceptions of mental illness among the public with a goal of rehabilitation and well-being in place of custodianship or incarceration.


Specialized Referrals

We are committed to connecting patients with experts in the community for optimal health and healing. These referrals include but are not limited to: specific therapies such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), psychological testing, neuropsychiatric testing, hormone replacement therapy, and personal training.



We offer our services in real-time video conferencing through a secure online platform. Telemedicine allows the patient to be comfortable in their own space, without the need to travel. To participate patients need a smartphone, tablet, or computer, adequate internet connection, and a private space in which to communicate.


Brief Psychotherapy

Brief psychotherapy focuses on a specific problem and applies direct interventions or techniques that are most efficient and practically helpful over the shortest amount of time.  The intent is to speed up the process of change, complete a root-cause analysis, and teach tools to patients in order to allow them to be proactive in their own mental well-being.  

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For Hans Stelmach M.D.-- "With deep gratitude for your wisdom and kindness, which truly saved my life."